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Investment Philosophy

The Dolev Investment Group philosophy: Partner with the best local service providers and hold a diverse portfolio of long-term, stable assets 

The Dolev Investment Groups’ philosophy is based on four key principles:

  1. The company seeks to acquire assets for long-term holding 

  2. The company is focused on building its portfolio in a strategic geographic area within Virginia, in order to ensure better control and more tailored asset management 

  3. The company seeks to partner with the best in-class local service providers in order to gain a true understanding of the markets in which it operates 

  4. Lastly, The Dolev Group invests significant equity into each transaction, thus ensuring its goals and strategic decisions are aligned with all other investors involved in the deal.

Through the years The Dolev Investment Group has managed to post steady growth by adhering to our four key principles. Our operations are based on integrity, long term relationships and efficient property management. Since the firm acquires assets with the intention of holding them for the long-term, our team places a great deal of value on forming relationships with everyone on our path, from brokers and service providers to our tenants.

Dolev is committed to providing top customer service and personal oversight of all properties. Given these commitments, the group has made a strategic decision to build its portfolio in the Commonwealth of Virginia, narrowing its focus to areas within 150 Miles of Richmond, Virginia.

Our unique approach and business model give Dolev, our investors and our partners a competitive advantage in today’s market. Dolev and its four executive team members invest significant equity in each transaction. This ensures our firms decisions, operations and goals are in line with those of our investors. This model helps build mutual trust between all parties and ensures the firm manages its assets with a long-run, investor-first mentality. 

Since its inception, Dolev has found a niche in its acquisition and management of multi-family and student housing properties. Over the years, the firm has slowly broadened its focus to include mixed-use properties as well as office and retail spaces. Today, Dolev has the necessary resources and expertise to successfully acquire and manage various types of properties ranging widely in size and transaction cost. 





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